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System design : The pivotal key to elevating your interview game

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Practice top system design problems

Practice the most frequently asked system design questions in real interview style

Read technical paper and Interview

Read the top technical paper like Google big table and test your learnings with an interview

Engineering blogs and Interview

Read the top engineering blog and test your understanding of the blog with an interview

Realistic Interview Atmosphere

Experience interviews as they are - from the pressure to the unpredictability, so the real ones feel just like another simulation. Select the interviewer based on the focus area or a company.


Draw the architecture diagram on the integrated whiteboard during the interview


Our generative AI model is trained on millions of interviews to give your the best experience


See your rank and progress in the leaderboard

Comprehensive Feedback

Intervu provide comprehensive feedback so you don't repeat those mistakes in an interview

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Amit Chabbra
The leap in my system design proficiency after using Intervu is phenomenal. It's the closest experience to real interviews, and the feedback is incredibly precise!
Vineet Kumar
Meta, Ex-Google
Realistic, challenging, and with spot-on feedback, it's the perfect practice ground!
Practicing with Intervu's AI felt like having a personal coach. My understanding of system design deepened, and my interview confidence soared!
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